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Faculty, Research Interest, and Contact Information
Ralf A. Bundschuh RNA structure: statistical mechanics and quantitative prediction RNA editing Biological sequence database searches Biomolecules Bioinformatics bundschuh_at_mps.ohio-state.edu

Phone: 614 688 3978
Office: Physics Research Building, room 2010
Tin-Lun (Jason) Ho Fundamental issues in dilute quantum gases: Scalar and Spinor Bose condensates, Fermi gases with large spin, mixtures of quantum gases in optical lattice and rapidly rotating potential, Boson mesoscopics, processing quantum information with spinor Bose condensates; Quantum Hall effects with internal degrees of freedom; Strongly correlated electron systems; Quantum fluids ho_at_mps.ohio-state.edu

Phone: 614 292 2046
Office: Physics Research Building, room 2046
C. Jayaprakash Nonequilibrium phenomena; Fully developed turbulence; Strongly interacting fermion systems jay_at_mps.ohio-state.edu

Phone: 614 292 1670
Office: Physics Research Building, room 2034
Bruce R. Patton Structure and properties of electroceramics; Grain growth in anisotropic systems; Pattern recognition and optimization patton_at_mps.ohio-state.edu

Phone: 614 292 8210
Office: Physics Research Building, room 2042
William Putikka High-temperature superconductivity: phenomenological and microscopic models; Two-dimensional strongly correlated electrons; Unconventional superconductivity putikka_at_mps.ohio-state.edu

Phone: 614 292 3882
Office: Physics Research Building, room 2031
Mohit Randeria Research interests: Strongly Correlated Systems; High Tc Superconductivity; Photoemission Spectroscopy; Quantum Fluids randeria_at_mps.ohio-state.edu

Phone: 614 292 2457
Office: Physics Research Building, room 2024
William F. Saam Phase transitions at interfaces: wetting and roughening transitions; Step interactions on solid surfaces and consequent phase transitions saam_at_mps.ohio-state.edu

Phone: 614 292 1772
Office: Physics Research Building, room 2030
David G. Stroud Quantum effects and coherence in Josephson junction arrays and high-temperature superconductors; Ab initio molecular dynamics of liquid semiconductors; Magnetic, superconducting, and optical nanostructures stroud_at_mps.ohio-state.edu

Phone: 614 292 8140
Office: Physics Research Building, room 2048
Nandini Trivedi Disorder driven quantum phase transitions (metal-insulator and superconductor-insulator transition); high temperature superconductivity; Bose and Fermi quantum gases; quantum Monte Carlo techniques trivedi_at_mps.ohio-state.edu

Tel: 614 247 7327
Fax: 614 292 7557
Office: Physics Research Building, room 2026
John W. Wilkins Molecular dynamics of realistic semiconductor and metallic structures; Many-body computation of excited states wilkins_at_mps.ohio-state.edu

Phone: 614 292 5193
Office: Physics Research Building, room 2194

Last Updated: October 28, 2010